It is important to invest in a good website that will stand as a credible source of information about your business product and service offerings. Getting a website is only the beginning – you also need to consistently maintain your website – we have outlined a few reasons why you should not ignore website maintenance.

[  ] Coding/software
It is important to keep the code/software of your website up to date so that your site’s data, and visitors’ information, are safe and secure.

Updating the site also helps with eliminating the chances of any broken links or links that redirect to any unrelated pages. This keeps your customers happy and prevent them from getting frustrated and switching over to the competition with their better-maintained websites, especially if your website is meant for online purchases.

Website and web hosting server’s software updates should happen regularly as a way of upping security

[  ] Site backup
Backing up your site’s files is one of the primary tasks of website maintenance services which can be accomplished manually or included in the automated services offered by your web hosting provider. And it is essential too, considering the time and money it will consume in rebuilding your website from scratch in the case of any unfortunate events such as any malware attack.

Many sites depend on specific software and run on thousands of lines of code, which may leave your website exposed to hackers that like taking advantage of such vulnerabilities.

If your website does get hacked (we cannot totally rule this out), you will be in a far better position to recover yourself as you would have followed the protocols and kept up with regular maintenance.

[  ] Search Engine Optimization
Search engines pick up active websites a lot easier. Especially the ones with optimized copy, fast sites, and regular content updates.  Regular cleaning up of cache will automatically increase the loading speed of your website.

The more often you maintain, the better your search engine rankings will be. Ignore it and the rankings will degenerate – Google might even remove your site from its search results if it happens to detect any malware due to negligence.

There’s always room for improvement for your website. That’s why we recommend regular updates with fresh content to keep your audience up to date.

Over 80% of buyers visit a website before making a purchase. Your website should be functional, visually appealing, rich with relevant content, and must be regularly maintained.


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