The global outbreak of COVID-19 has proven to be the most disruptive, placing a lot of pressure on economies as well as communities. It has made it hard to fulfil the Sustainable Development Goals that seeks to “build resilient infrastructure, promote inclusive and sustainable industrialization and foster innovation”. While the impact has managed to cripple some superpowers from an economic perspective, we can be glad that the pandemic has also given a strong push for digital, creative, and innovation transformation.

“The post pandemic world will increasingly be driven by the Fourth Industrial Revolution technologies and their applications for inclusive and sustainable development” – LI Yong, UNIDO Director General

In preparing for 2021 and the creative and innovation trajectory, the world at large needs to start looking at closing the digital readiness gap, and hampering the ability of many to take advantage of all digital advancements. The rapid digital transformation fast-tracked e-commerce and online shopping became more attractive to citizens, seeing as it affords them a chance to adhere to social distancing and quarantine. See article on the Upward Trajectory on e-commerce Fuelled by the Pandemic.

Quarantine became the time when everyone – from citizens to agencies – tapped into their creative side. People searched for entertainment and companionship. This gave rise to the use of social media, and in particularly Tik Tok – where people showcased their creative ideas and entertained the whole globe. In the wake of the crisis, many business owners had to look into broadening their resources for creative inspiration. We’ve seen brands collaborating more with social media influencers during quarantine, upon realising that creativity and thinking out the box is the only way to survive the pandemic.

Many brands have re-evaluated how they package and present their brands to the audience. It cannot be just about profit making, but consumers have increasingly become sentimental, and are drawn towards brands that put people first over profit. The world has changed and so has the perspective held by consumers.

Creativity is now a hot commodity that is needed to keep brands afloat.


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